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I’ve been doing revisions and edits all day on The Heretic’s Daughter.  My son made this for me:






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Lanier Theological Library

WOW!  I visited the Lanier Theological Library on Friday as a just-for-fun artist date and to do research on my current medieval work-in-progress.  THE HERETIC’S DAUGHTER is set on the edge of the reformation when owning an English copy of the bible was a punishable offense by the church.

I was not expecting the library to be this cool.  The website photos do not do it justice.   It was tucked away in a neighborhood down a winding road that was somewhat difficult to find.  Um.  Well.  I’m someone who has been known to get lost with printed directions, a map, and a GPS while going to a place less than two miles from my house so maybe I’m not a good judge on what is hard to find and what is not.  Just ignore that last part.

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