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Merry Christmas

‎”The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel–which means, God with us.”

Have you noticed that some people can run around with absolute chaos all around them but still stay in joy and peace while others could be stressed out at a meditation retreat?

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WARNING: holiday kisses are being threatened!

I love kisses and holiday romance, but not everyone likes mistletoe. Some commercial foresters consider the dwarf mistletoe as a disease that reduces the growth rates of commercially important conifer species, such as the ponderosa pine. Ecologists, though, point out that mistletoes are not a disease; instead, they are a native group of plants that have been around thousands of years.

Globally, 20 mistletoe species are endangered. Three kinds of butterflies in the United States are entirely dependent on mistletoes for their survival: the great purple hairstreak, the thicket hairstreak, and the Johnson’s hairstreak. Mistletoe is also an important nectar and pollen plant for honeybees and other native bees.

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All I want for Christmas

I met my goal for the 2011 Get Trapped in a Book reading challenge!

Goal: Read 100 books in 2011
Finished books:

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Dogs and breakfast

One nice thing about making eggs for the dogs is that however they come out–fried, scrambled, poached, over easy, no salt, too much pepper, overcooked, undercooked, totally burned–it’s their MOST FAVORITE WAY IN THE WHOLE WORLD. A kitchen full of tail wiggling glee.

I bet that if humans were even a tenth as grateful and happy for little things the world would be a better place and we could all encourage one another and bring more peace and joy into society. So… feeling inspired… today I’m going to make an effort to focus on gratitude and notice the blessings that God has given.

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