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The Heretic’s Daughter tag line

I attended a great workshop last night with Gerry Bartlett on tag lines.

For The Heretic’s Daughter:

A medieval heiress faces church censorship to become a doctor but her biggest obstacle is the king’s insistence she marry a mercenary.

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Foreign edition

German, I think.

Married to a Stranger

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Chain mail hair piece

Gorgeous! I want one.

Chain mail hair piece.
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Ren Fest Hair

The start of a new series of photographs. Different hairstyles seen at the Texas Renaissance Festival this year. I liked this lady’s costume and her lovely straight hair.

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Male Librarians!

It’s Man-candy Monday. And lookie what I found:

Male librarians!

Male librarians!

Zack is a librarian in New York. A calendar is available here: http://menofthestacks.com/

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The pleasure! The controversy!

Since the Pleasures of Sin was available for free download for a few days last week the sales have taken off. It also received several new reviews, some flattering, some not so much. I love the controversy and the stark difference of opinion. Enjoy!


James of Montgomery received the prestigious K.I.S.S. (Knights In Shining Silver) Award from Romantic Times.

And he also received this award:
“this so-called hero was possibly the worst guy I have ever read about in all of the thousands of historical romance books I’ve read.”


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