Defiant, by Jessica Trapp



"Jessica Trapp is a charming writer who seems to have perfected the art of lacing her stories with so much beauty and enchantment amidst worlds of violence and hardship that DEFIANT is utterly impossible to put down." Read Entire Review 
—Shannon Cox, Fresh Fiction Review 

"A well-written story filled with passion, struggles and even a bit of intrigue, Defiant won’t disappoint." Read Entire Review
—Robyn Roberts, Once Upon A Romance Review

"Defiant was a pleasant surprise for me, I loved it. The well-rounded characters, the undeniable attraction between Jared and Gwyneth, the fluent and profound plotline and the high level of girl power. The solutions Irma and Gwyneth come up with for their problems were hilarious. Yet at the same time Defiant keeps that authentic medieval vibe. Therefore Defiant is a mesmerizing read from start to finish." Read Entire Review
—Marissa, Realms On Our Bookshelves

"Ms. Trapp snags the reader with her skilled and intriguing writing style, creating a passionate treasure that will evoke conflicting emotions, wit, and humor."
—Lauren Calder, Affaire de Coeur, 5 Star Review

"Relying on classic themes, such as captive/captor and battle of wills, Trapp lures readers into her medieval love story with powerful emotions and sizzling sensuality and with a fresh twist on traditional medieval romance.

Unjustly imprisoned for his brother’s murder, Jared St. John gets a chance to escape and clear his name. He is on his way home when he is drugged, kidnapped and forced to marry Gwyneth of Windrose, who fascinated him years before.

Gwyneth must wed or lose her lands and her chance at freedom. She has never forgotten the young monk who gave her his book, but this rugged bear of a man, who claims her as wife, cannot be him — or can it? Though she yearns to continue working to free wrongfully accused women from slavery, she also craves Jared’s touch. Though he would love to inflict revenge on Gwyneth, Jared desires her and sets out on a path of seduction. Working to rebuild her lands brings joy and closeness, but when Jared believes Gwyneth betrays his trust, he thrusts her away. Only by putting aside his pride will he be able to rescue his wife from a fate worse than death."
—Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Review

"Defiant is a sensual reboot of “Taming of the Shrew.” It’s a page turning story of the battle of wills between two dominant individuals. Jessica Trapp gives depth and emotion to her two main characters, and immediately you will be engrossed in Defiant. Awesome job Jessica Trapp, you have my vote for a romantic winner!" Read Entire Review
—Bonnie at A Romance Review

"The only good thing I can say about this book is that it is good to read something like this every once in a lifetime to truly appreciate the well-written, intelligent, thoughtful and well-crafted book/storyline. Not one to write a bad review often, but I couldn't stay silent with this one."


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