Master of Pleasure, by Jessica Trapp

Master of Pleasure


He haunted her dreams.  She haunted his nightmares.
She betrayed him at the altar and her father sold him into slavery.
Kidnapping her was only the beginning of his revenge.

"Readers of the classics will consider this book a much-needed morsel in a diet of chick-lit..."
—Rho, A Romance Review

 "excellent love story ... the central story of vengeance developing in true love is well told and the relationship between the characters has the ring of truth."
—Deborah Elliott, Affaire de Coeur

"Ms. Trapp has penned a fun debut ... with feisty characters and a storyline that will entertain."
—Historical Romance

"I really can’t think of a time that I have had this much fun reading a medieval. ... This book is full of delights, and doesn’t have a single dull moment in it. If you are looking for a new author, and a book that will make you laugh as well as bring tears to your eyes, then you won’t want to miss this one. Five pink hearts."
—Amanda, The Mystic Castle

"Loved it, loved it, loved it!! Make room on your bookshelves because this one is a keeper....

...I can’t say enough wonderful things about this book. Master of Pleasure was so enthralling I couldn’t put it down. Ms. Trapp writes the most sensual love scenes, even when they only kiss. The characters were so real that I was sad when the book ended. I felt as if my best friend had moved away. Trust me when I tell you this is one book you’ll want to read. Just make sure you set aside some time, as it won’t be put down until you finish the whole thing." Read Entire Review
—Robyn, Once Upon a Romance       

"Jessica Trapp provides a sensual feast, spiced with delicious humor, raw emotions, and a hero and heroine so real they’ll linger long after you put down the book—and if you can do that before you finish it, your will power is stronger than mine. A genuine keeper!"      —Amanda Scott

"Ms. Trapp mixes passion, betrayal, abduction, and revenge into a tasty brew."
—Hannah Howell

"A sensual feast spiced with delicious humor, raw emotions and a hero and heroine so real they'll linger long after you put down the book. A genuine keeper."
—Maryann K.


Detroit Booksellers Best Contest.
JABBIC Master of Pleasure won third Place in the Houston Bay Area RWA Cover Contest.
Colorado Romance Writers - Award of Excellence Contest
RWI’S 2006 More Than Magic Contest

(As titled Master of the Heart)
1st 2004 Golden Pen Contest
1st  2004 Jasmine Contest
1st  2004 Orange County Rose Contest
1st 2004 Four Season's Awards
1st 2004 Duel on the Delta
1st 2003 Heart of the West Contest
1st 2003 Opening Gambit
1st 2003 Silver Quill Award
1st 2003 GOTCHA Contest 1st 2003 Hot Prospects Contest 1st 2003 Where the Magic Begins Contest
2nd 2004 Emily Contest 2nd 2003 Laurie Contest
2nd 2003 Hold me, Thrill me Contest 2nd 2003 Romancing the Novel Contest 2nd 2003 Haunted Hearts Contest 2nd 2003 Heart to Heart Contest 2nd 2003 Melody of Love Contest
3rd 2003 Fool for Love Contest 3rd 2003 Gateway to the Rest Contest 3rd 2003 Sweet, Spicy and Spooky Contest 4th 2003 Yellow Rose
4th 2004 Winning Beginnings Contest HM 2003 Touch of Magic
HM 2003 Southern Heat Contest
First Hook, Line and Sinker Awards  Author Kristi Gold and Vicky Dreiling sponsored a Writing Calisthenics workshop at the West Houston RWA Meeting in September, 2003.  Writing samples were created by participants at the workshop during a five minute writing exercise.  Jessica won the best "Sinker" (end of chapter hook) award with the following:

"Milady."  He leaned forward, close enough to smell the scent of rose soap lingering in her hair.  "Do you trust me?"

She smiled.  "Yes."

"Good."  Slowly he slid his dagger from his belt and held it to the creamy white skin of her neck.