The Pleasures of Sin, by Jessica Trapp

The Pleasures of Sin


Duty forced him to fight the passion that had scorched his soul.  He was a conqueror, commanded to bring the region into order.   

She was a woman who refused to be conquered.  The love of art was her passion, to paint in Italy her greatest desire.

 When they are forced to marry, her dreams are held captive and his plans for structure disintegrate.   

Now they must either find a way to escape or embrace a new passion: the art of love.

"This highly sensual battle-of-wills/captive-captor romance is highly reminiscent of early Johanna Lindsey with its biting repartee, heated love scenes and even a tied-up heroine.  If you're looking for a new twist on a classic, this is it.”
—Kathe Robin, RT Book Reviews


She'll Give Her Heart To No One. . .

Banished to her family's castle tower for refusing to marry, Lady Brenna spends her days indulging her secret passion for painting provocative works of art. If they are discovered, Brenna knows she will hang. But her life changes the day England's most notorious privateer James Vaughn, the Earl of Montgomery, arrives to claim Brenna's younger sister as his bride. Brenna knows her sister will be no match against such a man. To save her, Brenna dons the wedding veil and marries the brute herself. . .

Except The Man Who Completely Arouses Her. . .

Known as The Enforcer, James Montgomery has been charged with ridding the land of rebels disloyal to the king. He's not amused to learn he's been tricked into marrying the wrong sister. In retaliation, he decides to tempt his new wife until she begs to be taken to his bed. Yet, James soon finds that it is he who is enticed. But when a secret about Brenna is revealed, James discovers that all of his love may not be enough to save her. . .